This is where we will keep a public updated list of planned and completed interviews:

Ryan Duffy (Pastor) – Interview completed
Isaac Winters (US Army Veteran) – Interview completed
Mark Baird (State of Jefferson) – Interview confirmed

These are some of the other interview we have planned and are working on confirming
Convention of States representative
Constitutional Lawyer
Former Navy SEAL Team Six Officer
US Marine Corps Iraq Veteran
State Legislature Members
US Congress Members
And a variety of others

Major contributors to the project will be able to view full length interviews online, as we edit them.

First Big Event

I went down to the State Capitol building in Sacramento this morning, to record the demonstration put on by the State of Jefferson movement.  They were submitting some paperwork to the state government, but more importantly were making a show of support, with a few hundred people on the steps of the building.  I got some footage of their demonstration in the rain, as well as the speeches they gave.  I made contact with some of their leaders, which should be helpful in the future, since their cause is aligned with the message of our movie.

We also filmed our second interview last week, and are editing together a short sampler video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.  And we have a few more people who are interested in working with us, but we are still working out the logistics of each of those situations.  Anyhow, it is coming along, slowly but surely.  Stay tuned for more.

First Real Footage

We shot our first interview this morning.  Ryan Duffy, a pastor at Crossroads Church, volunteered to be our first subject.  All of the equipment worked great on the first try, which is always encouraging, and allows us to focus on the content without distractions.  Ryan has been helping flesh out the direction we want to go with the movie in regards to the relationship between freedom and faith, and how freedom influences parenting.  Exciting to make some concrete progress on the project, and now we have some footage to start editing together.

We have also made some significant progress with the motion graphics design and plans.  The recent advances in software in that area are very impressive.  You can now map your facial characteristics onto an animated object, to control it in real-time via a web cam.  Hopefully we will be able to leverage some of those new technologies effectively on this project.

Website is our First Step

This website is one of the first concrete public steps of what will likely be a larger undertaking than I even know.  I have spent the last month examining the idea of making a film about The Value Of Freedom.  I was originally going to write a book on that topic, but an online film seems like it will be more approachable for the average person.  If the objective is to get your message to as many people as possible, you have to meet them where they are at.

While I will eventually create a website to advertise the movie itself, this site is intended to be for the people who are supporting this endeavor.  It will present what we are doing, and the progress we are making.