Freedom has always been an important topic, which is intangible and therefore frequently misunderstood. This misunderstanding seems to be an increasing issue within our society, usually in the form of debates over “rights,” which are individually defined freedoms. The aim of this project is to address the current misunderstanding that freedom is the right to do whatever you want without consequences. This misconception is especially dangerous because it represents the exact opposite of what freedom truly is.

All of our decisions have consequences that affect us and those around us. Any understanding of freedom that ignores this obvious fact, is untrue, and leads to these imagined “rights” conflicting with one another. Reconciling these created conflicts eventually leads to lower degrees of freedom to maintain order. If instead we view freedom as the opportunity to experience the consequences of our own decisions, the result will be a self regulating increase in the level of self determination available to individual members of that system.

Lower degrees of freedom are bad, because true freedom is very valuable, which leads us to the second focus of this project. Once we establish what freedom really is, we still need to address whether it is worth having or not. We in America have more freedom than any other group in history, but in spite of this, or possibly because of it, citizens don’t seem to understand or value the freedom they do have. The objective of the film will be to demonstrate to viewers that freedom is more important than life itself. ┬áThe danger of undervaluing our freedom, is that those rights are constantly eroding unless they are diligently maintained by deliberate effort on the part of citizens and their representatives. The government will never be the solution to this problem, because you can’t force people to be free. The desire for freedom has to be planted within people, and that is what this film intends to do. By illustrating for people what freedom really is, and why it is so important, we can encourage them to examine what rights they should really be fighting for. That is why it is important to share The Value Of Freedom with as many people as possible.

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