The Value of Freedom was originally an idea conceived in 2015 during the presidential primaries, as the topic of Freedom appeared to be seriously misunderstood in the media and within segments of the general public.  It was originally intended to be a single feature length documentary, but that plan has been revised into a series of videos posted online.  This is both to make it more easily accessible to a greater number of viewers, and to allow the content to me made available to viewers in a time frame that makes it more relevant.  Movies take years to create, and the issues effecting our society and the freedoms therein are shifting at a much greater rate than we could up with when developing an entire film.

If at some point it the future, we have created enough content that it could be compiled into a single feature length piece, that is a possibility., but not necessarily our current objective.  Most of the content will still be relevant beyond the time period of the individual issues it addresses, because The Value Of Freedom is not going to diminish in the future.