The Value Of Freedom is a series of online videos that address what freedom is, and why it is important. It will be a combination of interviews of people with different perspectives on freedom, and illustrations of how the decisions we make affect our lives and the lives of those around us. It will make a philosophical examination of proper use of authority, and look at what role the government should play in artificially limiting the options available to us.  It will explore the effects of religious freedom as well as the role of faith and spiritual understanding in how we respond to the freedom that we do have.

C. S. Lewis wrote Mere Christianity to explain and defend the basics of Christianity, not any of its specific sectarian divisions. The Value Of Freedom aims to explain and defend the underlying principles of freedom, not the specific views of Libertarians or the Republican party or any other specific political faction. It will attempt to explain and defend an idea that was fundamental to the creation of our world and our nation, but is now widely misunderstood by its inhabitants. This effort intends to instill within viewers a sense of responsibility to recognize and use the freedom that they have available to them, and to protect the freedom and rights of themselves and others. Hopefully this will be their response when they watch The Value Of Freedom.