Mike McCarthy Headshot
Mike McCarthy

This project is currently being spearheaded by Mike McCarthy. He has been the director of technology at Bandito Brothers in Culver City for the last ten years. In that role, he has spent his career pushing the envelope on the technical side of film making, using the latest tools to develop new workflows and post-production techniques. He worked extensively on Act of Valor, the first feature film shot on DSLR cameras. He was also the post-production engineer on many other projects, including the Dreamworks film Need for Speed. As an engineer with an art degree, he studied multimedia at Cal-Lutheran University in southern California.

Steve Englund Headshot
Steve Englund

Steven Englund is an independent filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. He holds a degree from Portland State University, with a background in arts and marketing. Steven has been making movies since the early days of camcorders and is well versed with the technologies powering the digital filmmaking revolution. He owns and manages Sky Tiger Creative

Aaron Flessing has worked for Fresh Air Media for many years.

There are many other people whose support will be required to make this project a reality. Some are already in discussions about their roles in the production, and others we probably haven’t even met yet. Our biggest current talent and manpower needs on the production team are regarding motion graphics, which are going to be a significant part of illustrating The Value Of Freedom. But there is much work to be done to produce a film, and we are going to need support in all areas of the process. If you believe in The Value Of Freedom, and are interested in supporting this project in any way, from working to financing to just getting the word out, don’t hesitate to contact us at mccarthy@sharethevalueoffreedom.com.

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