The plan is to shoot and edit a documentary film, and release it online. We may charge for individual streaming views, or get those viewings sponsored by other organizations that promote freedom. Disc copies will also be made available for purchase for those without broadband connections. The ideal aim is to create a full length film, but shorter sections may be released as freestanding pieces if it appears that will increase the spread of our message.

It will be shot on DSLR and lightweight HD cameras and simple equipment, to give us a relatively small production footprint. We are not painting a masterpiece, we are telling a story and spreading a message. Even with a simple plan, there are still costs involved, so money will need to be raised. We will have a Kickstarter campaign to raise the initial funds necessary for production. Besides knowing they are furthering an important message, financial backers will get copies of the movie, early access to the content as we are working on it, and the possibility of giving us their feedback during the filmmaking process.

Once the film is finished, we will need to market and advertise it online. There are a number of existing channels to do this, through other groups with similar values for spreading freedom in our society. We will need their support to get the word out. That is how we intend to share The Value Of Freedom with as many people as possible.

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