While the content of the film will not be directly focused on the presidential election, the schedule will be. The end goal is to release a film online before the 2016 presidential election in November. This is when the general public will be most interested in The Value Of Freedom, and its application in government, and it is the time when the film can make the most impact on viewers, who will be weighing an important decision. It will still be relevant beyond that time period, because The Value Of Freedom is not going to diminish in the future.

To meet the aggressive scheduling goal, we will be starting as soon as possible. Ideally we will be generating support through a Kickstarter campaign launching in early 2016. That should allow us to film throughout early 2016, and then spend the spring and summer on editing and extensive motion graphics illustrations. We will release sneak peaks of certain sections to our supporters as we complete them, to give them a taste of what we are working on. If all goes well, we will be able to share The Value Of Freedom by October 2016.